Reactivating the guayule sustainable industry in Mexico


(Parthenium argentatum)


Activate the integral guayule exploitation in Mexico through sustainable processes to transform and obtain the following products; Hypoallergenic latex, resins, argentatins, bagasse (biomass) , biofuels and premium quality biofertilizers.

We are a 100% Mexican Company

GuaySS; Mexican company; It was constituted in July of 2017, based on the enthusiasm of its president and founder Salvador Wilfrido Merigo López, who since 2012 has started to focus his efforts on making Mexico the largest guayule producer in the world in order to reactivate the guayulera industry in the country.

Salvador a faithful believer that with innovative sustainable processes, scientific and technological, this plant is a source of several disruptive subproducts that are essential for the world. In addition to this Salvador, as part of his holistic vision and social responsibility, he found several areas of opportunity in rural areas where guayule grows naturally and wildly, which is why he included in his project the economic and social development of the areas where we initiated this project.

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